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Our Slice

Our Slice


“A slice of the good life in every bite”

Slice, a brainchild of mom, triathlete, Senator and entrepreneur, Pia S. Cayetano, is the product of her “imagination, dreams, travels, food cravings and desire to share her passion for healthy eating, albeit with the occasional indulgences.”

Slice has gained a strong following who swear by its moist healthier muffins, exquisite cupcakes, and freshly pressed paninis, which comprised Slice’s original menu when it started out as a dessert cart late 2011. Its menu has since grown, including light snacks, soups, salads, pastas, sandwiches, rice and all day breakfast meals.

Its meticulously curated menu takes pride in giving your comfort and familial food a healthy twist without compromising on taste. Mirroring Senator Pia’s very own eating lifestyle, Slice has been making a name for itself with its unintimidatingly healthy and delicious meals such as baked brown rice melt, and the more famous brown arroz caldo. Born out of her love for divine desserts, Slice also offers an expansive array of heavenly desserts such as the deadly Double Choco Yema, ethereal Tres Leches, and melt-in-your-mouth Yema Cheesecake, among others. Slice proudly reignited and mainstreamed the love affair for yema, paving the way for the birth of the first Choco Yema cupcake.

Complementing its food is a solid selection of drinks with its original coffee blend and chocolate concoction leading the way. Slice offers your coffee staples, as well as enthusing blends, such as Pinoy ChocNut. Equally memorable are the Slice original chocolate concoctions, which boast of its rich and decadent chocolate goodness in every sip. The café also serves juices, veggie and fruit slushees, and vitamin-enhanced water.

But the best thing about eating in Slice goes beyond the simply scrumptious and enjoyable symphony of flavors each plate from its kitchen brings. The beauty and the attraction lies in the thought, preparation and creativity that’s put into every Slice creation – truly “a slice of the good life in every bite.”

So, for a taste of the good and healthy life, go ahead and indulge with a Slice.