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Slice #HealthierYou Menu

Slice #HealthierYou Menu


At Slice, dessert is at the top of the menu and healthy alternatives are always recommended. We take pride in offering both indulgent desserts (Choco Yema anyone?) and healthier comfort food, such as using only brown rice in our dishes.

After years of being asked what she eats and how she keeps fit and fab, Senator Pia finally shares with us recipes from her very own kitchen in our Slice #HealthierYou menu. Senator Pia believes that healthy eating is a lifestyle and not a fad. She espouses the kind of healthy eating that is convenient, sustainable and not intimidating. Coupled with the culinary prowess of our Slice kitchen, Senator Pia came up with a selection of both healthy dishes and healthy alternatives to your everyday comfort food. At the top of our “Healthier You” menu selection is Pia’s bowl. Pia’s bowls are full of good carbs – whether quinoa or brown rice, high in protein (tofu and seafood), and fiber loaded. Also featured are healthy alternatives such as lettuce over buns for burgers and tofu over pasta.

We hope that with our “Healthier You” menu, we can inspire our clients to start the healthy lifestyle today. #slicehealthieryou

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