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Look at What They’re Saying About Slice on the Blogosphere

Look at What They’re Saying About Slice on the Blogosphere

“You should try SLICE.” –pinoyfood.nimrodel.net

“This is one of those places where you can be assured of a really good healthy meal, with a really good dessert.” –ourawesomeplanet.com

“Adding a new place to my Boni High Street list! Enjoyed all the comfort food at Slice this evening.” –dapattylaurel.blogspot.com

“Don’t worry about sacrificing taste over health. Slice…you get the best of worlds – feel good and taste good food. ” –thefoodscout.net

On the Choco Yema Cupcake: “It’s really no wonder why this is their best selling chocolate cupcake. You’d be crazy not to love chocolate AND yema!” –alyventure.blogspot.com

“This place is so relaxing…perfect for those who just want to relax and eat.” –cheonsadiana.blogspot.com

“The Double Chocolate Yema Cake was really rave worthy! One of the best chocolate cakes, definitely  a must-try! The place really deserves a return trip.” –heftyfoodie.wockynest.com

“Just like the photos on the wall, each  muffin, cupcake and cakes are personally prepared and baked to perfection that for sure you’d want another bite.” –runningfreemanila.com

“Their muffins are to die for!!!” –unrestrainedbabbling.tumblr.com

“Wonderful, heavenly desserts and good food too..I couldn’t get enough of it.” –carambs.com

“I love their idea of serving coffee on a wooden board, with accompanying granola…This is one place to hang out on lazy Sunday afternoons.” –annalyn.net

“Besides all their “to-die’for” desserts and goodies, they have really good coffee…they have a peanut butter-chocolate flavored one that hits the spot and drives home the punch.” –thephilippinesandbeyond.com

“I especially loved the Citrus Burst Muffin. They used a generous amount of orange juice and orange zest in making the muffin that you could taste it in every bite.” –mumfromthesouth.blogspot.com

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