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Healthy Tips & Sweet Inspirations

Slice #HealthierYou Menu


At Slice, dessert is at the top of the menu and healthy alternatives are always recommended. We take pride in offering both indulgent desserts (Choco Yema anyone?) and healthier comfort food, such as using only brown rice in our dishes.

After years of being asked what she eats and how she keeps fit and fab, Senator Pia finally shares with us recipes from her very own kitchen in our Slice #HealthierYou menu. Senator Pia believes that healthy eating is a lifestyle and not a fad. She espouses the kind of healthy eating that is convenient, sustainable and not intimidating. Coupled with the culinary prowess of our Slice kitchen, Senator Pia came up with a selection of both healthy dishes and healthy alternatives to your everyday comfort food. At the top of our “Healthier You” menu selection is Pia’s bowl. Pia’s bowls are full of good carbs – whether quinoa or brown rice, high in protein (tofu and seafood), and fiber loaded. Also featured are healthy alternatives such as lettuce over buns for burgers and tofu over pasta.

We hope that with our “Healthier You” menu, we can inspire our clients to start the healthy lifestyle today. #slicehealthieryou

Healthier Menu FINAL

Slice Muffin Diet FAQ

Eat your way to a slimmer and healthier you with this delicious and nutritious diet plan composed of different items, most of which are found on the Slice menu.

What is the Slice Muffin Diet?

It’s a healthy eating plan composed of 5 to 6 small but balanced meals with known power foods and those with low glycemic index (also known as GI, it is the measure of the effects of carbohydrates in food on blood sugar levels).

What are the power foods included in this diet?

  • Good carbohydrates made up of brown rice, sweet potato, root crops, whole grain and fruits.
  • Lots of vegetables particularly leafy greens generously found in Slice salads.
  • Protein such as egg and soy.
  • Milk and other milk-based products like yogurt and cheese, low-fat as much as possible.
  • Lean meats particularly chicken breast and fish.
  • Slice Muffins Light.

How do you schedule the 5 to 6 meals daily?

  1. Start with a nutritious breakfast when you wake up.
  2. If you work out in the morning, take a light snack or a high protein one after (depending on how serious and long your training is).
  3. Third meal is your lunch.
  4. Follow it with a mid-afternoon snack.
  5. Fifth meal is dinner.
  6. (Optional 6th meal) A light evening snack if you’re hungry or the type who craves for some midnight munching.

What does a sample one day meal look like?

  1. Breakfast: A bowl of oatmeal with low-fat milk and Slice granola or eggs and whole wheat toast.
  2. Mid-morning snack: 1 Slice Muffin Light or fruit/protein shake (if doing a hard workout).
  3. Lunch: A serving of any Slice salad with dressing on the side or lean meat, whole grain and vegetables.
  4. Afternoon snack: 1 Slice Muffin Light with a handful of nuts or granola with milk or yogurt.
  5. Dinner: If light meal is desired, have a hearty vegetable soup or some fresh salad and pair it with one Slice Muffin Light. For a more filling alternative, have brown rice with lean meat and mixed vegetables.
  6. Evening snack: 1 Slice Muffin Light alone or pair it with a glass of low-fat milk or with a cup of Slice Naked Black Chocolate (made with low-fat milk).

Why is it important to include Slice Muffins Light in the diet?

Studies show it is almost impossible to stick to a low-calorie restrictive diet.  Successful dieters are those who can stick to an eating plan long term and keep the extra weight off.  But this can only happen when meals taken are satisfying and you are allowed the occasional reasonable indulgence.

How many Slice Muffins Light are recommended daily?

Ideally, consume 3 Slice Muffins Light daily.

Can you replace the muffins with other sweets or desserts?

For the first two weeks of this diet plan, it is recommended that you eat Slice Muffins Light only and avoid other sweets.  That’s because these muffins are filled with fiber and have lesser sugar and carbohydrates.

Do you have to follow this diet every day?

The more you stick with it, the sooner you will lose weight and keep it off.  But don’t worry, you’re allowed a cheat day. You can eat whatever you want one day a week!  Most people find that after days of being good on their diet, they tend to be more responsible eaters even on their cheat day.

Do you still have to exercise?

If you want the weight to come off sooner and to stay off, then exercising is a must.  It is best to complement a healthy eating plan with regular workout and exercise.

Remember, the road to a healthier lifestyle and a slimmer you takes hard work, determination, a well-balanced diet and proper exercise with the occasional indulgence. :)


Slice Muffins 101

All our handmade muffins contain less sugar than traditional recipes and are loaded with fresh fruits, making them healthier.  Each is also known for the health benefits it provides, apart from the passion and creativity that’s put into each delicious creation.

  • Citrus Burst – made with freshly squeezed orange juice and orange zest, this crowd favorite gives you your daily dose of Vitamin C.
  • Choco Madness and Choco Monkey PB – rich in anti-oxidants that come from chocolate, which is proven to perk up your mood and keep depression at bay.
  • Nuts About Bananas –  the perfect post-workout and race recovery snack with potassium from bananas that helps in muscle recovery and Vitamin B6 that aids in fighting stress and increases energy.  This flavorful muffin also contains a generous amount of walnuts, a good source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids to lower bad cholesterol.
  • Morning Glory and Pineapple-Carrot Surprise –  fiber-loaded muffins that do wonders for your eyes, skin and immune system.
  • Sprinkle Me Cinnamon – give in to the irresistible taste and aroma of cinnamon and lessen the impact on your blood sugar level. Plus, its high manganese content is good for the bones.